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Why ECOMMERCEN as your online pharmacy solution

We manage more than 3M/month(€) of online pharmacy transactions. Managing more than 25 online pharmacies through ECOMMERCEN platform - Pharmacy Edition, we are proud of the expertise we have gained over the Health and Pharmacy Industry.

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1. Start Selling Today

Create or migrate your Online Pharmacy easily with our Step-by-Step Guide. A group of experts will be at your service to help you set up or migrate your online store.

2. Customizable Themes

Advisable is offering custom made Creative Services & Design for your online pharmacy. An experienced group of Graphic Designers, Marketers and Business Strategists will help your business achieve, a next level brand reach, with an identity that stands-out.

3. How to Use & Training

Throughout the implementation regarding your own online pharmacy, you will receive all the help you might need, in order to get a better understanding of the platform’s features, through an 1-hour person to person training.

4. Support

Our expert team is available to assist you and troubleshoot any hurdle and additionally provide the appropriate business advice for your online shop. Choose our money gain Yearly Support Plan for your business. Take the chance to use our Developers +hours in Tech Support to develop your business to the desired level.

Latest tools


With our Gifts Tool, you can reward your customers, whenever they buy a product you promote or even when they buy products of x value. You simply create a rule of 1+1 Gift for the dates you wish to run the gift promotions & then ECOMMERCEN Platform takes care of the rest. Through the appropriate UX, we visually serve the gift to the user in a visible place above the products, while we subtract the gift product from your warehouse system, each time a customer buys the product, meeting the requirements of the rule.


Promo Codes are an excellent way to drive sales from new customers, keep happy your existing loyal customers or even help indecisive website visitors proceed to buy with an extra discount and finally convert them to new customers. You simply apply the coupon code during the checkout process with just a single click and the amount related to the coupon is instantly calculated and therefore applied to the overall order. You can create instantly as many coupons as you wish for the regarding dates you need them to be active.


The hottest trend in e-commerce industry at the moment is brought to you by ECOMMERCEN platform. Simply add a product recommendation inside any product page and skyrocket your sales. This imperative Cross - selling technique is helping customers to purchase a product related to the product they are already viewing without having to search for it. Customers are more likely to spend more time on-site when they experience a really easy and user-friendly experience. At last but not least when you choose the product you wish to suggest the platform lets you relate this product to another product page.


Having many offers that cause you an overload of information? Simply create a page with all your active offers through ECOMMERCEN platform. Help your customers journey to be more precise in finding the right deal for them. Create easily Offer categories, such as Coupons, Samples Gifts, Extra Sales, Promo Packs and 1+1 Gifts and point the way to your Customers. ECOMMERCEN helps you categorise your offers easily with premade-templates and Badges.


As soon as you create your offers, it’s time to acquire more traffic. Drive customers to your site by running enticing giveaways. With the help of ECOMMERCEN platform you can create a well-crafted contest page, where you are able to collect prospective customer’s emails and potentially engage those customers for future offers via newsletters. Share your contest page on Social Media and approach your ideal customers! Increase sales by strategically adding Coupon Codes in your contest page.


Reviews are vital to any online business. ECOMMERCEN platform offers a Reviews section to all product pages, so as to smoothen your customer’s experience. Also, by gathering customer’s feedback on your products, you understand which products stand out and which products are the ones to suggest in a Product’s Recommendation Section. ECOMMERCEN not only lets you decide/process any feedback given by a customer, but also plays a decisive part to avoid potential inappropriate content, spam & fake reviews. A positive and honest review can easily lead to a sale!


Showcase your New-In or Best-Seller products with visually distinctive Icon Badges. Find inside ECOMMERCEN platform a variety of badges to show off all your Offers, such as 1+1 Gift, Sales, Trending Products, People’s Choice etc. Add your Badges easily on any number of product or product groups you desire simultaneously.

Scheduled Automations

ECOMMERCEN’s key feature is Scheduled Automations. Schedule Sale Prices to selected products, product groups or categories within seconds! Through the platform you can schedule all features, such as Banners, Sales, Coupons, Gifts and Offers to the dates you desire and avoid the hustle of multiple data entry actions.

Loyalty Points

Reward your customers through the use of a point system. Enhance loyalty & provide meaningful customer interaction within your site with our powerful Loyalty System. On every purchase, your customer earns points, which are automatically added to their account. Challenge your customers to collect more reward points by adding 2x or 3x points from selected products you promote or give them 100 points for free at every new registration.

+ All Basic Tools

ECOMMERCEN comes with a handfull of classic cms features. A really advanced blogging system is one to start with. Furthermore with ECOMMERCEN you can easily administer banners, promo pages and special offers. You can also create and manage user term pages along with cookies concent and GDPR Compliance guidelines operations.


Shipping & Payment